Monday, 16 September 2013

The 10 Best Free and Popular Joomla Slider Plugin

For a beginner, Joomla is the best choice to build a CMS website. Since for its interface is beautiful and simple to use. But to make the website more attractive, people now like to embed a Joomla slider plugin on the top of website. Joomla slider plugin make by images and content, even YouTube video. It is a great way to show image and product content in a small area. 

There are many Joomla Slider Plugins you can find in Google. This article will introduce you 10 best free and popular Joomla Slider Plugin Maker.

1. The Best and Free One: Hi Slider Free Joomla Slider Plugin

Hi Slider Free Joomla Slider Plugin is Free software for widely use in website creation. With using this software, you can easy to make unlimited Joomla slider plugins from images, YouTube Video and Vimeo. 

. Responsive Joomla Slider Plugin Maker for person or commercial use;
. Except for Joomla website, you can also embed slider plugin into your website, WordPress and Drupal;
. High Compatibility – slider plugin make by Hi Slider is allowed for reading on multiple Browers, such as Google Chrome, IE7+ and Firefox;
. Work effective in Mobile device, like iPad, iPhone and Android App;
. Build in multiple Templates and skins resource;
. Custom unique skin with background color, button color, border and shadow setting;
. Define title and description for each slider, no matter image, video;
. Donot require for installing flash;

2. Simple Responsive Slider for Joomla: Code7
Code7 is a simple and responsive slider maker, support for 9 images.

3. Joomla Touch slider – WS-Wlexslider
Slider make by WS-Wlexslider, can be view on any device such as PC, Mobile and Tablet. The special is that it supports for touch control.

4. Photo Gallery – JoomGallery
JoomGallery is a photo gallery module which enables you to embed into Joomla. All control is on your hand.

5. Avatar Slider Skitter
Avatar Slider Skitter is photo slideshow plugin base on the Skitter library. It provides many effects and options for you to use, flexible and simply.

6. BT SlideShow Pro
BT SlideShow Pro is a great photo slideshow extension for Joomla. With using BT SlideShow Pro, you can easily display image with different flash type animations.

7. Diapo Slideshow
Diapo Slideshow is high-capacity image slideshow module, support for displaying 29 images.

8. Slide Them All
A free image slider maker with thumbnail, unique transition effect…

9. Hot Joomla Carouse
Show photos in a Carouse style, for Joomla website.

10. JP Slick Slideshow
JoomPower Slick Slideshow is used for creating amazing photo slideshow in minutes. You can define title for each pictures, even add links for them.

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